Your Inner Warrior

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Your Inner Warrior with Red Phoenix Nutrition

Increase your health and emotional/spiritual wellness, let go of body fat by focusing on all of the inner elements of who you are… mindset, hormones, food quality, lifestyle… 

Release your hormonal blocks by releasing your mental blocks = your body releases body fat

Have sexy healthy body goals, but Dorito thoughts have you on lockdown?

The urgency of getting to the gym stressing you the heck out? 

Want to shrink your belly but you feel out of control and just CANNOT STOP EATING ALL THE PIZZA AND TACO HELL??

Ashamed to have to buy bigger clothes? …feel hopeless about changing your eating and lifestyle habits?

That stress, overwhelm, hopelessness, are all adding to your hormone issues, which increases your body fat and grows your belly!!

Those feelings IN REAL LIFE are just mental blocks, old stories that your body has grown comfortable living in… preventing you from moving beyond them.


Your brain has been programmed to be MAGNETIZED to those feelings of self-sabotage way back as a kid.

What if I were to tell you that getting your hormones to play nice by breaking past your mental blocks, by doing the work on the inside… that by doing so will show you results on the outside; lose body fat, shrink your belly, increase your life quality…

Do you want a piece of that action??

I’ve got the perfect remedy for you…

Train Your

Inner Warrior

In Train Your Inner Warrior I’m going to teach you how to Lead with Your Heart and Step into Your Power, identify what that means for you specifically as we all have our own special superpowers. Then I’m going to show you how to unleash your power to achieve goals you never thought possible. Whether that means fat loss, muscle gain, or all over life quality… 

Step by step coaching guidance and community support through a private facebook group working together to increase your health and wellness. Let go of body fat by focusing on all of the inner elements of who you are… mindset, hormones, food quality, lifestyle through my Healthify process. 




I’m going to help you uncover options of movement, food, a lifestyle that lights you up, while we begin working on the inside. You will see your body change almost inadvertently as you do the work on the inside.  

Step into your power

Train Your Inner Warrior

Join step by step coaching and forward-looking Warrior community support through a private Facebook group, working together to redefine your emotional and physical health and wellness. Let go of body fat by focusing on all of the inner elements of who you are… brain rewiring, hormones, food quality, & lifestyle through my Healthify process.  

“I have come so far emotionally since the day I actually leaned in for more support, which I believe is what has given me the desire and confidence to join this group! I love that this is not a competitive group, there is not 1 winner at the end who lost the most weight, inches, etc. Instead, we are here not only for our own personal benefit, but to also impact and carry each other through this journey!! We are a pack of warriors, not lone wolves!!”

Step into your power

Do the inner work
to get the outer results

Why Train your inner warrior?

Core Content

Healthify Fundamentals:

Kickstart to how to get back on your dragon. I walk you through the basics of my Healthify process (including my favorite hormone healthy recipes and grocery list) Getting you a running start on results while we work the inner pieces. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or increased life quality, implementing the Healthify essentials will reap you an almost instant reduction in inflammation, increased energy and mental clarity. You will begin to feel better than you ever have in your life. 

Warrior Goal Setting:

It’s not just about your why, it’s about finding the heart of your whys and the whys of your heart. I will guide you through getting to the core of your whys that light you up in a way that you have no choice but to Lead with Your Heart and Step Into Your Power.


Following your hearts lead now as you step into your power, I will teach you how to unbrainwash yourself, break the patterns of the mind viruses you’ve been led to believe around the scale, labels, numbers, anxiety and control. Then install new powerful beliefs with intention. I will teach you how to retrain your brain and rewire your neuro pathways. 


It’s time to reclaim your power with knowledge. I am going to simplify effective strategies to increase your hormone profile through my Healthify process; emotional wellness, stress management and food quality. Working on all the pieces on the inside brings you results on the outside. Learning to put yourself 1st. Being intentional about your self-care. Releasing your mental blocks helps release your hormonal blocks. 

Trust Your Gut, it is your 2nd brain:

Why is your gut health so important? Learn to identify digestive issues, what their root causes are and how to heal and maintain a healthy gut. Your gut health directly impacts your mental health, brain function and all over bodily inflammation.

Liver Health:

Debunk detox and cleanse claims and learn how to healthfully rid your liver of toxins in order to allow your body to properly metabolise and work for you instead of against you. Your liver is an integral factor to your fat-burning capabilities. 

Demystifying Food:

Now that you are equipped with the Healthify basics, we will apply them. Give yourself permission to eat clean, learn the nuts and bolts of successful intuitive eating, even how to fuel your training without measuring. We’ll also make you unstoppable when it comes to dining out and party time strategies.

Trusting Yourself:

Kick the idea that you can’t trust yourself to the curb. YOU HAVE THE POWER. We will embed a new level of self awareness for you on a cellular level. Showing you that you have control, you are the boss of you. Learn to really listen to your body and be the CEO of your health. I will also teach you my favorite games to keep yourself accountable.

Vision Check ups:

We will periodically revisit your original goals and assess what tweaks we want to make. I will provide you with the tools to make those tweaks as you unearth your power for the most optimal version of you.


Reflect on all of it, the good, bad and the ugly, everything about where you are right now in life


Recognize your awesomeness, all of your badassery, every single win


Reinvent your mindset, what is the most optimal version of you?

Rise from the ashes, through the flames… and step into your power


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