“I've spent the last month working on mindset focus with Sarah. Not only have I gained insight into habits that aren't serving me, but she's also helped me drill down to why I started doing them in the first place. (Why do I hit snooze? When did that start? What happens if I don't?)... Why do I feel guilty leaving food on my plate? Do I show disrespect if I don't finish what someone has purchased or spent time making for me? Why don't I feel full? How can I gain control over that part and let the guilt go, yet still have enough so I don't undereat?... All of these questions I now have more clarity around. All of that clarity leaves my mind feeling more free and confident. All of that freedom and clarity allows me to not only serve myself better, but it allows me to serve my body, my community, my people.. the things I love and have passion for. Sarah helped me tap into that mind space in just one month! I'm so thankful!”  

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