Remove the Toxic Burden

July 10, 2020

That’s the 1st step in the physical detoxification of the body. ⁣

Interesting… what about removing the toxic burden in your mind, your self talk? In the relationships you allow? In the crap you watch on tv? The social media that you allow to infiltrate your brain? Hmmm…⁣

Just like we talked yesterday that the accumulation of physical toxins literally creates disease in your cells, what do you think the accumulation of all the mental crap you allow has done to you? ⁣

How has it shaped you? What has that build-up, the layers and layers of toxins done to your habits? To how you regard yourself, the self-sabotage patterns you keep running back to, how you treat others?… Stress leads to inflammation which leads to more toxicity in your body and mind. It can suck when you really sit down and think about it. ⁣

I’m here to tell you that you have the power to change it all. Your creator has planted a phenomenon within you to do so. Retrain your brain. You are not stuck with who you think you are. #mindrehab

Sit down and get very clear with yourself. Remove the toxic burden in your life. The toxic burden is anything thought, the relationship between yourself or others that is not loving to you. ⁣


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