You Are Stronger Than Your Past

You Are Stronger Than Your Past

Whatever it was, however old you were, wherever it began, whatever the pain, the loss, the experiences that left you feeling worthless.

The past experiences that set you up to fail again and again. That set the bar for how you do not take care of your body or your soul optimally, for the toxic relationships that continue to reappear in your life… for the behaviors that keep you stuck chasing your tail in purgatory.

You are stronger than it all.

I used to feel like I would never be able to believe that. I would think…

“These demons are stuck with me forever, they are part of who I am… Like a dark cloud hovering, following me, creating sabotage in any and every area of my life. I am tainted. Anything I touch crumbles.” …No matter how many times over I would try with a seemingly new attitude.

Sound familiar?

And do you know why that was true? Because it was embedded in my subconscious.

Those limiting beliefs stayed on repeat until I invested in myself and learned to clear it out. And I continue to do the work to rewire those patterns, my neural pathways daily. You can too.

You are stronger than your past. Let it go. Stop holding yourself hostage. #getfree

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