Boundaries (self love) vs expectations (ego)

August 10, 2020

In your food choices…

“Expecting” that because you set a goal to not eat this and instead should eat that, that you actually will… And then you don’t… It is what you feared… “what if I don’t meet the expectation” ⁣

That expectation cycle creates stress and overwhelm as you beat yourself up… loathe yourself and then move on to self-sabotage and then eat the whole cake. ⁣

Meanwhile, on top of that cortisol is having a party storing more body fat for you as you have completely stressed yourself out over your “expectation” of yourself.⁣

You are “expecting” to fail and have stored more body fat along the way.⁣

Counterproductive on so many levels.⁣

Your ego wants you to set expectations because that is all you’ve known, it’s how your brain has been trained, no fault of yours. And you CAN change that.⁣ #mindrehab

What if you built boundaries around what you want your optimal health and fitness to look like?⁣

What if you put on repeat that eating more of these kinds of things over those other hormone cockblocking things will bring you that optimal health and fitness?⁣

You begin to decide to not allow anything outside of your boundaries, your path to your optimal health and fitness, in. You begin making better choices in line with what is really important to you. ⁣

You begin leading with your heart instead of from a place of ego.⁣

You are taking action from a place of self-love, that’s what boundaries are about. And that is what becomes lasting because you’re not killing yourself over it. Rather than taking action from a place of fear (expectation) ⁣

Can’t figure out why you keep going thru the same fail cycle? It’s way more simple than we make it but does take a commitment to you.


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