So… I guess this is where I’m supposed to list out my certs and education. However, if you want the credentials that will help you in real life you’ll want to go to my real life story below.  


Certified Emotional/Spiritual Wellness Mentor


Certified Hormone Speciaialist


Certified Mindset Specialist


Certified Nutrition Coach


Functional Medicine Coach


Crossfit L1 Trainer


My Story.
My Mission.

Little background about this Love Pusher, Freedom Daddy, Sorceress, whatever it is you like to call me…

I grew up in a very sheltered religion, depressed for most of my childhood; hopelessness, suicidal ideations, worthlessness, began at a young age, priming the adult stage for toxic relationships.

**Hence enters the part of my story where every business coach says “No, no, no Sarah, don’t go there. This is not the place to speak your truth. You will scare people away.” So kudos to you for proving them wrong, you understand that this story is the exact power of the results I will provide you.

Now, for over 10 years, I’ve been helping individuals create more life freedom for themselves through career coaching, all things nutrition, hormones, emotional wellness, and my unique ability of brain rewiring.

I began Nutrition Coaching 7 years ago. Yet… I was compelled to help people on a much deeper level. 

And Then…

…here’s where it gets good 

I found brain rewiring and heart coherence 3 years ago, and it changed my life. I had no clue I needed it.

See, I had a false sense of strength for most of my life, dating back to childhood traumas. I found ways to scrape by, to make people laugh, to single mom and survive, stop toxic & abusive relationship’ing, like a boss… so I thought. 

No cigar.

Surviving is not doing it “like a boss”. Surviving only allows you enough life to not die, that’s it. 

I was stuck in a loop of deep seated self destruction. Victim to vengeance, back to falling apart, time and time again in all aspects of my life. It was embedded in my subconscious, always running in the background like a computer program.

I thought I loved myself. Turns out I had no clue what that really meant.

My MindRehab work (part of LifeRehab) has allowed me to heal on levels a lifetime of therapy had never come close to. Lots of sitting in the fire, lots of rising up through the ashes evolving to new levels of my phenomenon. 

That’s what I get to teach you to do for yourself, and pay forward. 

Your world will begin to heal and grow inadvertently when you do the true deep work to heal and release yourself from all you hold yourself hostage with. 

I spent my life feeling trapped, constantly trying to break free from external “things”, situations, people. In reality it was something within me that I needed to be released from in order to stop attracting bs into my life to get to where I really wanted to be. 

Which, I’ve arrived and still doing the work, like a boss for real now 😉 3 big kids off doing life, my trusty Dragon Dog Louis by my side as I get to help people upgrade their lives as I live mine in an abundance of love and freedom. I am beyond blessed.

It is my calling, my mission is to help others unveil their own phenomenon, teach them they have the power to grow it; to break free from their past, the cults of society and redefine their lives. To have the freedom to love themselves, their life, and pay it forward.

Heal. Redefine. Evolve.

Unleash your Phenomenon, transform your life, and pay it forward

See something that fuels your fire a bit? Curious? Stuff you want to flesh out? Feel free to email me at

What would you like to learn more about? Don’t be shy. Help me help you, what do you wish you could better harness more than anything else in your life? 

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