Train Your Inner Warrior

1:1 LIFEREHAB™ Coaching

“Our sessions went from nutrition-based calls to emotional calls. Sarah taught me that my struggles were more deeply attributed to my past and how my brain had learned to deal with the trauma I had experienced. Then she helped me retrain my brain to live a life I love.”⁣

“MindRehab has been nothing short of life-changing. Sarah has helped me to step into my power and be a more confident version of myself in all of my roles…mom, wife, entrepreneur, badass woman.”⁣


Red Phoenix Dragon Warrior Sorceress, Love Pusher, Freedom Specialist, Thought Leader, Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, Healer, Transformation Mentor, Freedom Daddy… Truth is, I’m not attached to any “label” – I am the “anti-label girl” 🙂 These are just some of what my amazing tribe’s coined me to be to them, in a role that inspires bold life-changing, ever-evolving growth. How? By paying forward the return on investment of my own healing, growth & education – how to redefine their lives, heal at their innermost core, (their child version) lead with their heart, rewire their brain and implement nutrition and lifestyle hacks – propelling them to unimagined heights. 

If you want to yield confidence, freedom and growth in all facets of your life like never before you’re in the right place. 


Working with Sarah is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my journey toward becoming the best version of me that I can be.


Certified Trainer

Functional Medicine Coach

Certified NCI Nutrition Coach 

Certified Hormone Specialist

Certified Mindset Specialist

Certified Emotional Wellness Mentor

Crossfit L1 Trainer

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

My Healthify process acknowledges you as a whole; your life, your activity level, your body history, your hormones, your mindset, your stress level, it all impacts your progress. Then we create a customized program just for you. No diet plan is demonized. There is no one size fits all. 

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Retrain your brain by shifting your physiology; reveal why you continue to self-sabotage. Learn how those unconscious thoughts and mind viruses hold you hostage with the same unwanted behaviors. Then we go in and rewire that neurology for lasting results in better habits. You are not stuck with the habits you think equate to who you’ve been all your life.

Step into your power

Train Your Inner Warrior

Join step by step coaching and forward-looking Warrior community support through a private Facebook group, working together to redefine your emotional and physical health and wellness. Let go of body fat by focusing on all of the inner elements of who you are… brain rewiring, hormones, food quality, & lifestyle through my Healthify process.  



Redefine Your Roadmap

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Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

Bask in lasting results across all of your life aspirations as we shift your physiology and retrain your brain. 

Reveal unconscious thoughts and mind viruses that have held you, hostage, in unwanted behaviors your entire life, lead with your heart and change your brain.



Rocket your hormone profile working on all the inner pieces. Releasing your mental blocks alone reduces cortisol by 43%; increasing your immunity, longevity & life quality.



Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Achieve your goals – fat loss, muscle gain, life quality and more. Uncover root causes with my Healthify essentials, experience an instant reduction in inflammation, increased energy, and mental clarity, feel better than you ever have in your life. 



I mentor amazing humans through 1:1 intensive heart and brain rewiring work, a process that will skyrocket your world and transform your life. I provide nutrition and lifestyle hacks, teaching you to “Lead with Your Heart & Step into Your Power.” We all have our own special superpowers – unleash yours to achieve goals you never thought possible. Start showing up for yourself and YOU WILL INSPIRE those around you to do the same.

“Not one coach before Sarah even attempted to understand why I didn’t want to eat all that food and why I was struggling to gain the weight. She helped me find my why and helped me with food choic

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Coach Sarah has played a huge part in my success. If you are like me and have tried everything to achieve goals and feel like you cannot get there on your own, I know Coach Sarah can help you!” -Dom

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I love that Sarah gives me permission to take care of myself. We’re always go, go, go and taking care of everyone else. Sarah is teaching me to have grace with myself and to take time for myself

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“I felt like we just jived and I love her bubbly positive attitude. I am thankful to get to work with her on a 1:1 basis now. Anyone that can inspire me to eat more vegetables, not drink on Frida

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“I’ve made so much progress the past year with Sarah’s support. In 2020, my focus is to turn my progress into my forever lifestyle. I’ve 1st hand have seen the impact food, a healthy mindse

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“I feel lighter, my joints move easier, and my mental clarity is sharper now that it has been for some time”


Free Access To Sarah's Breakthrough Strategies:

Free Access To Sarah's Breakthrough Strategies:


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